Active Healthy Hotel Istra

Be active, eat healthy, and achieve more in the Mediterranean oasis of Opatija!

Optimize your lifestyle in Active Healthy Hotel Istra where you can relax in natural spaces equipped with in-room fitness amenities and indulge in healthy food choices. Enjoy the benefits of sea air rich in negative ions and boost your immunity with year-round swimming in the sea.

Best 3* Hotel in Croatia (2022)

Hotel Istra*** has been awarded the eminent Tourist Flower by the Croatian Chamber of Economy as the best 3-star hotel in Croatia!


  • Qi Gong

    Join the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong that harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit through unique body movements, breath control, and meditation, opening the path to inner peace and balance."

  • Fit Pilates

    Discover the power of Fit Pilates, a system of exercises focusing on the connection between mind and body, strengthening your muscles, power, and flexibility, leading you on a path to physical and mental harmony.

  • Yoga + Breathing Exercises

    Join our Yoga and breathing sessions, where practicing Yoga and deep breathing techniques create the perfect balance for your inner peace and self-awareness.


  • Disco Aqua Aerobic

    Dive into the fun of Disco Aqua Aerobics, where aerobics in the pool with music brings improvement in muscle tone and fitness in an energetic atmosphere.

  • Latin Aqua Aerobic

    Let the rhythms of Latin music guide you through an exciting and effective session of Latin Aqua Aerobics, the perfect combination of fun and exercise.

  • Aqua Gym

    Experience intense water fitness with Aqua Gym, where various exercises in the pool serve to strengthen your body and muscles, all to the rhythm of music.


  • Strong & Active

    Join our Strong & Active training, where intensive exercises guarantee an increase in muscle endurance and efficient calorie burning, transforming your body into top form.

  • Nordic Walking

    Explore Nordic Walking with special poles that activate most muscles in your body, offering a unique combination of recreation and physical strengthening.

  • Smovey Walk

    Experience Smovey Walk, an innovative walking method using special equipment to improve your endurance and motor skills, bringing a new dimension to your daily walk.


  • SUP Yoga

    Try the unique combination of Yoga and balancing on a SUP board, developing strength, balance, and flexibility, offering you a challenge and inner stability.

  • Yoga Under the Stars & Moon Salutation

    Experience the beauty of Moon Salutations and Yoga Under the Stars through a series of Yoga poses specially designed for warming up and cooling down your body, promoting balance and flexibility.

  • Pool Biking

    Try your hand at Pool Biking, where cycling in the pool combines water resistance with traditional biking, reducing joint strain while simultaneously strengthening your body.

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Opatija is a picturesque town on the Adriatic coast which is steeped in the Mediterranean spirit and offers a multitude of attractions and pleasant experiences. In Opatija, you can experience the favourable microclimate and enjoy the unique freshness of the sea air while taking a walk along the Lungomare, one of the most beautiful seaside promenades. Lungomare was built at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century and it covers a 10-kilometer long stretch from Lovran to Volosko. Doctors were involved in the construction of this special promenade, so its shape and position additionally contribute to the rehabilitation and prevention of various diseases. Discover the Mediterranean through Opatija and feel the magic of the sun and sea, cultural heritage, nature, gastronomy, and the unique lifestyle!


Sea air in near proximity to the shore is where you can find one of the highest concentration of beneficial negative ions in nature. Hotel Istra is positioned directly on the sea shore, thus guests are bathed with healthiest, negative ions rich sea air.

Physical activities like swimming in the sea, breathing exercises on the beach, active walking and running along the Lungomare promenade are highly recommended as they increase the following benefits of inhaling the negative ions:

  • reducing inflammation
  • enhancing immune function
  • increasing psychological health
  • balancing the autonomic nervous system, promoting deep sleep and healthy digestion.
  • revitalizing cell metabolism
  • overall well-being


In order to offer the highest form of well-being to you, our guests, we strive to serve local produce and blue fish rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids which form the anti-inflammatory diet.  Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in your body and thereby reduce inflammation, diseases, cellular damage, and premature aging.

That is why the culinary offer of Active Healthy Hotel Istra now includes locally produced foods high in antioxidants and blue fish which is known as the healthiest fish due to the high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, niacin, and vitamin B12.

Discover 7 ways to detox at the detox corners available during breakfast and enjoy functional dinners which include blue fish meals (rich in omega-3, protein, vitamins B3, B12, A and D and the minerals calcium, iron, zinc, potassium: tuna, sardines, sprats, mackerel), a salad corner "Create your own salad" (shredded kale and organic wild rice with fresh add-ins like spicy broccoli, snap peas, and roasted vegetables, shredded cabbage, beets, and leafy greens, from spicy to creamy, grain-filled bowls packed with nutrient-dense foods like quinoa, farro, avocado, gluten-free items), and dishes based on asparagus and mushrooms.

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