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The destination Opatija attracts numerous visitors throughout the year, and its variety of cultural, entertainment, culinary and sports events are just part of its wide-ranging offer. Don't miss events such as Carnival, the Balinjerada soapbox race, Coffee Festival, Gourmet Story, RetrOpatija Festival, Opatija Imperial Town, Marunada sweet chestnut festival, Chocolate Festival, and Advent. Fall in love with the destination Opatija, a destination for all seasons and a fulfilling holiday.

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Empress Sisi's fashion closet

Empress Sisi's fashion closet

14.7.2019 - 20.4.2020 Type: Culture and music

Empress Sisi’s Fashion Closet
An exhibition by Mónika Czédly, the Swiss House
The ‘Empress Sisi’s Fashion Closet’ is an exhibition that presents the clothes of the Empress Elisabeth made in the tailor’s shop of the famous Hungarian Czédly family, whose clients included the Empress herself and many other prominent figures.. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the Empress’s clothes for everyday and special occasions, as well as other details such as jewellery, photographs and paintings.

Carnival 2020 – Opatija Riviera

Carnival 2020 – Opatija Riviera

17.1.2020 - 26.2.2020 Type: Entertainment

Opatija Riviera
Experience Carnival in Kvarner, a period when the town is ruled by cheerful masks and everyone has great fun. The children's carnival is the most cheerful event, when Opatija is full of happy costumed children. Don't miss the Masked Marathon with Klape vocal groups, the traditional Balinjerada soapbox race, and numerous dance parties across the Opatija Riviera. Carnival is hard to imagine without traditional sweets, such as fritule and kroštule fried pastry, which make these days even sweeter.

March – An Oasis of Wellness in Opatija

March – An Oasis of Wellness in Opatija

1.3.2020 - 31.3.2020 Type: Wellness & sport

Opatija was always known as a health resort for the elite who came here to enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean climate and the scent of the clear sea. Today, Opatija is a much sought-after destination for its superb wellness centres that offer a relaxing refuge from our busy lifestyles. During the month of March, Opatija celebrates the harmony of body and soul. Indulge in pleasant massages and relax in a variety of spa oases, saunas and pools with heated seawater.

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