Gourmet Opatija experience

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Everyone can agree that eating is one of the necessities in life that we practice daily and cannot live without. No matter if you eat to live or live to eat, love fine dining or prefer a la carte eating or just adore grill and buffet, you want that experience to be healthy and pleasant for you always. Liburnia Riviera Hotels in Opatija (a pearl of Adriatic), gives you a variety of choices for all your taste preferences and you don’t even have to be guests at our hotels to enjoy this memorable food experience.

Fine dining RESTAURANT CUBO - all senses experience

There is nothing more fulfilling and memorizing than to include all senses in your experience, and when it comes to dining Marko Mandek, chef of Hotel Ambasador’s restaurant Cubo will make you feel just that. The meal that is going to be prepared in front of you from a specific food of this region that smells desirable and taste spectacular will evoke all your tongue buds, and the ambience of restaurant Cubo that is design with a special attention to all details whit relaxing music playing in background makes perfect place to celebrate this bud fest. Try delicious Sea bass carpaccio with cistrus gell; Marinated scampi on a ucka cottage cheese base; Scallops on a mushroom, carrots foam and truffle cream; Risotto with kvarner scampi & asparagus or Semifreddo with almond and sesame cantonese while enjoying stunning view on Kvarner Bay.

À la carte with ISADORA

Hotel Kvarner’s restaurant Isadora (named by famous dancer Isadora Duncan), with beautiful terrace situated above the Lungomare promenade is a perfect place for those wanting to pick their own course sequence and enjoy romantic dinners under the stars at affordable price.

Start your dinning out in aperitif bar while listening to ambiance and live music. Choose Starter “Kvarner” marinated grilled vegetables, istrian proscciuto, island Pag cheese; Beef Tatar (for two person) preparing in front of your desk or Ragout of smoked octopus with vegetables and white beans for appetizers. Continue your gourmet story with Breaded monkfish with almonds, cornflakes and an emulsion of prawns; Organic lamb (eco farm „Queen Sheep“) served traditionally or Pork medallions stuffed with ricotta and truffle cream while enjoying a glass of champagne or top-quality wines of our prestigious Croatian winemakers from Croatian coast, Istria and Kvarner. At the end indulge your craving for sweets with Premium homemade ice cream.


Five-star grill

Those wanting another adventure after a whole day at the beach should go and check out HORTENZIJA garden grill at  Hotel Ambasador and try our mature stakes, fish or five-star grill.

Active sport and burger lovers can also enjoy all sort of fish and meat delicacy, pizza’s, salads and homemade ice cream at Smart Selection Hotel Istra BISTRO NOSTROMO in Opatija, beach bar SKIPER’S at Holiday Resort Medveja in Medveja or Hotel Marina’s GARDEN BAR at Moscenicka Draga.


If you want to maximize your vacation days on the beach and you are on a budget, but still want to eat premium and healthy, check out our buffet offers in one of Liburnia Riviera Hotels (Hotel Ambasador, Hotel Kvarner, Heritage Hotel ImperialHotel Palace Bellevue, Hotel IstraHotel Kristal, Hotel Admiral) near you and have breakfast from 7:00 – 10:00h, lunch from 12:00 – 14:00h or dinner from 19:00 – 21:00h.

Come and stay with us at Liburnia Riviera Hotels and experience Opatija through all your senses.