Discover and experience Opatija for the weekend (2. part)

Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner


Hotel Kvarner - stay at the oldest hotel on the Adriatic Coast

We at the Liburnia Riviera Hotels have the honor to say that Hotel Kvarner, a first Croatian hotel on Adriatic coast and famous historical monument of Opatija built in 1884. that stands right at the sea front with the most spectacular view on the Kvarner Bay, is a part of our hotel group together with Heritage Hotel Imperial the second one built back in 1885.

After a railway from Vienna to Opatija has been built in 1873. managing director of Southern Railway Company Friedrich Julius Schüler, thrilled with Opatija scenery, mild, healing climate and also led with a vision to induce more railway traveling, build Hotel Kvarner and then Heritage Hotel Imperial (firstly named Stephanie) for ladies and gents eager sea view and healthy lifestyle. He became one of the most meritorious persons related to start of tourism in Opatija.

Fully renovated in 2014. Hotel Kvarner still holds and sets the standard for elegance and sophistication to all Opatija hotels. This hôtel de charme with highly detailed interior that reflects the style of the past, rooms and suites worthy of a king and queens and all gastronomy, wedding, congress meeting, pools, beach and wellness offers brought to you bay our highly trained staff will make you feel special, completely relaxed and taken care of.

If you like to experience past even more reserve a stay at Villa Amalia’s Isadora Duncan suite and get inspired with ambiance and moved by the palm trees like famous dancer did.

Maiden with The Seagull – a secret kept for half a century

This recognizable landmark of Opatija that stands on the cliff by the church of St Jacob and Juraj Sporer Art Pavilion and by which promenade path takes you next, has one long and sad history and well-kept secret.

This place on the cliff once belong to “Madonna Del Mare”, a statue that family of count Arthur Kesselstadt had made and put there to watches over his son soul, after he tragically deceased on the sea together with the countess Anne Fries. The stone statue has been taken down in 1956. and placed in Villa Angiolina (today’s Croatian Museum of Tourism) because it has been quite "startled" by the sea waves locals say and then replaced with bronze statue “Maiden with The Seagull” from famous Croatian sculptor Zvonko Car.

The mystery that surrounded “Maiden with the seagull” was the one of the maiden itself. For 55 years the secret of the model that posed to the sculpture has been kept from the public and finally in 2013. the maiden herself Jelena Jendrašić, next door neighbor to the sculptor, reveal her identity and her acquaintance with author.

This nymph that stands on the cliff with a seagull facing mount Učka is definitely the photography set that you want to have in your camera, share on your social media with your friends or just enjoy while sitting on the bench behind her.


Walk of Fame – marble stars of inspiration beneath your feet

Continue your Lungomare walk by the Slatina beach (main public beach in Opatija) and just when you get to the Slatina fontain and Hotel Palace Bellevue on the right you will be at the start of Croatian walk of fame.

Inspired by the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, in 2005. here in Opatija, a symbolic tribute was given to all those whose sporting, scientific, cultural or artistic endeavors have significantly contributed to the promotion of Croatia worldwide.

There are 32 marble stars all together.

You can finde Nikola Tesla, Ruđer Bošković and Ivan Đikić our famous scientists there, writers Miroslav Krleža, Dragutin Tadjanović, Ivana Brlić Mažuranić and Vesna Parun, famous actor Rade Šerbedžija and Boris Dvornik, sport legend Dražen Petrović together with Goran Ivanišević, Ivano Balić, Mate Parlov, Blanka Vlašić and Janica Kostelić. And we cannot forget our famous singer Oliver Dragojević whose career lasted for five decade, who performed at major international venues such as Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, L'Olympia Paris and Sydney Opera House, whose songs are known throughout all generations and will be sang many years more. Try to find them.

Now sit down on a bench or in Hotel Palace Bellevue Strauss café, order our homemade ice cream and google your mobile to find out more about our celebrated stars, and get inspired.

Forest path Carmen Sylva – green promenade above the town

For those wanting to get some peace and quiet time, move a little further from a city crowd for a few hours and breath in some fresh forest air, Carmen Sylva path is ideal activity. A 5,4 km length easy to moderate difficulty path for 90 min will be your sanctuary of peace and vitality.

Promenade that also dates to end of 19th century and is still in used today will reveal to you a story of its making, significance of Rumanian Queen Elizabeth and king Carol and its name Carmen Sylva on the boards set beside the path.

Wellspring Vrutki where local women once gathered to wash they laundry, a bench in stone where Carmen Sylva found her inspiration together with Vela Fortica and Mala Fortica vantage points will make this path more interesting and shorter than you think.

Rent Nordic walking pole in one of our hotels you are staying and alleviate your green vitality walk even more.


American gardens – a secret garden of “King of paprika”

Another secret, another love story and another garden from the beginning of the 20th century that is waiting to be discovered by all you visiting Opatija is the one of Michael Paulus Kuczor a rich Hungarian Szegedi paprika merchant who came to Opatija from America and Hilda von Hortrnau extramarital child of the Archduke Otto von Habsburg, the nephew of the Emperor Franz Joseph, and the Viennese prima ballerina Maria Schlenzer.

Situated at Nova Cesta 204 in Opatija, with its cascading garden terraces, colonnade and cypresses, ruin Šišina Mirina, greenhouses and small villa this botanical garden that features approximately 250 different plant species and has the most stunning and breath taking view on Kvarner Bay and it’s islands from elevation is with right compared with “The Gardens of Semiramis” (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) by press of that time.

This statement could be also repeated even today.

Come and stay with us at Liburnia Riviera Hotels and experience Opatija through all your senses.