Hotel Ambasador

The superb spa centre in the Hotel Ambasador covers an area of 1,300 square metres on two floors.
With a variety of water facilities, the spacious Spa Relax Zone, elegant rooms for treatments and massages, and specific programmes dedicated to the element of water, this centre has been designed to help you restore your energy and invigorate your body and soul. 


  • indoor pool with heated seawater (15 m x 5,6 m)
  • 7-person whirlpool
  • outdoor pool with seawater (20,75 x 11,58 m)
  • fitness (Matrix equipment)


  • beauty rooms (various cosmetic treatments)
  • massage rooms
  • PREMIUM LUXURY – PRIVATE SPA – room for two


  • sauna centre
    Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, Soft (Finnische) Sauna, experience showers, ice fountain, relax zone, heated deckchairs, 7-person whirlpool


  • We recommend booking your appointment in advance at the wellness centre reception
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Enjoy a unique experience during which you will go on a journey through Opatija's parks and their magnificent magnolias. This beautiful plant with a unique fragrance is a well-known antioxidant, which will provide you with hydration, elasticity and a soothing effect on the skin.

We start the treatment with a light body scrub that will remove dead cells from your skin and allow it to breathe. This is followed by a relaxing massage performed with precious Opatija magnolia oil. This ancient oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and acts as an excellent fighter against skin aging. It deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin and provides a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

With the intoxicating scent of magnolia and gentle massage movements, you will feel as if you have dived into the beautiful world of nature. The skin will be revitalized, smooth and soft to the touch, and you will feel completely renewed and refreshed.

100,00 EUR, 75 min

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Hotel Palace Bellevue

The Hotel Palace Bellevue Wellness & Spa centre is the perfect place for an escape from your daily routine. This modern centre has an indoor pool with heated seawater, a Finnish sauna and Turkish bath, a relax room where you can unwind without being disturbed, and beauty rooms where you can enjoy various beauty treatments. For our active guests, there is a fitness centre with top-quality equipment.


  • indoor pool with heated seawater
  • deckchairs by the pool – upon availability
  • fitness centre


  • sauna centre (Finnish sauna, Turkish bath)
  • relax area


  • massage room (couples massage option)
  • various cosmetic treatments
  • manicure and pedicure salon


  • We recommend booking your appointment in advance at the wellness centre reception
  • Price list

Wellness & spa centre of the Hotel Palace Bellevue includes a large indoor pool with heated seawater and a quiet oasis of peace – the Relax Zone.

Take advantage of a Finnish or Turkish sauna and choose from the wide range of superb massages and beauty treatments on offer. Hotel guests can use the fitness centre with the latest equipment free of charge.


This treatment offers the ultimate Mediterranean experience through the combination of two brilliant natural ingredients – olive oil and basil. Designed to give your skin the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

Olive oil, which is the key ingredient of the treatment, is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and natural fatty acids. It is an excellent fighter against skin aging, it reduces inflammation, stimulates the renewal of skin cells and creates collagen, which will result in smooth and shiny skin.

In combination with olive oil, basil acts as a natural antiseptic and has antibacterial properties. The smell of basil in the treatment helps to reduce stress and anxiety, while gentle massage movements during skin scrub relieve tension and bring a feeling of vitality.

Gentle massage with olive oil is followed by skin scrub that removes dead cells and stimulates skin renewal. Exfoliation is done with the addition of freshly ground basil, which further enhances the nourishing effect. The gentle massaging movements during exfoliation, along with the smell of basil, help to relax and reduce stress. As the scrub is left to take effect, the client's scalp is gently massaged, which further enhances the feeling of relaxation and vitality.

This treatment is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of the Mediterranean, relax and renew their skin. After the treatment, the skin will be refreshed, hydrated and shiny, and you will feel completely fresh and energized.

105,00 EUR, 70 min

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Heritage Hotel Imperial

Premium Wellness & Spa

Discover a sophisticated blend of historical charm and modern luxury. Feel the benefits of our specially designed cosmetics treatments in elegant classic interiors with stylish details. By synergising spiritual and physical elements – through a unique ambience, an individual approach and specific programmes – we help you discover a newer, deeper sense of your body‘s well-being and health. Following the idea that a harmony of energies is needed to achieve feelings of calmness and relaxation, we have created unique ambiences in which you will feel different and relaxed.

SPA ZONE (for guests above 16 years of age; no additional charge)

  • Finnish sauna
  • Turkish bath
  • Massage showers
  • 4-person whirlpool
  • Ice fountain
  • Relax zone

BEAUTY/MASSAGE CENTRE (at additional charge)

  • beauty rooms - various cosmetic treatments
  • massage rooms - massages and authentic treatments

FITNESS (no additional charge)

  • fitness (for guests above 16 years of age, depending on availability)


  • We recommend booking your appointment in advance at the wellness centre reception
  • Price list

An oasis of relaxation

The most intimate part of the centre is only for guests over 16 years old. In a room with discrete ambient lighting, there are Finnish and Turkish saunas and specially designed emotional showers. When you want to unwind, go to the relax room with its unique ‘salt wall’, which apart from being aesthetically appealing also has a beneficial effect on your health.



This treatment takes you on a short journey through the history of our region, back to the times when women used immortelle to warm pillowcases and protect their household from the cold bura wind. Through a relaxing massage, we will awaken your senses and take you along the rocky paths of the littoral area.

The central ingredient of this treatment is olive oil, a divine elixir rich in vitamins, minerals, natural fatty acids and antioxidants, excellent for combating skin aging. Immortelle essential oil, on the other hand, restores the skin’s elasticity, contributes to a healthier and fresher appearance, deeply hydrates and provides a fantastic care effect.

Finally, the warm and soothing scent of clary sage essential oil soothes tension and balances emotions. Combined with a relaxing massage, this treatment will provide you with a feeling of deep relaxation and peace.

This is the perfect treatment for anyone who wants to enjoy a warm, soothing and relaxing experience that stimulates skin regeneration and calms the mind. After this treatment, your skin will be soft, hydrated and shiny, and you will feel completely renewed and revitalised.

120,00 EUR, 80 min

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Hotel Excelsior


  • outdoor pool with sea water (9,26 m x 9,13 m)
  • indoor pool with heated sea water (18 m x 12 m)
  • outdoor children’s pool (8,5m x 8,3m)
  • fitness (equipment Matrix)


  • massages
  • beauty rooms - various cosmetic treatments (body, face, arms, legs)
  • VIP beauty room with jacuzzi


  • sauna centre (2x Finnish sauna, Turkish bath)
  • relax zone


  • We recommend booking your appointment in advance at the wellness centre reception
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Sothys is a world famous brand that has existed since 1946, and which is today renowned throughout the world. As a professional cosmetics brand, it is committed exclusively to beauty salons, and wellness and spa centres, offering a complete range of products for professional and home facial and body care. 



This exclusive treatment is based on the medicinal plant laurel, which is widespread in Lovran and its surroundings. In addition to having a strong detoxifying effect, laurel is rich in vitamins A and C, iron, calcium and magnesium, which makes it ideal for skin care.

The treatment begins with sea salt and laurel extract scrub, which helps remove dead skin cells and promote regeneration. The massage is performed using a unique technique that combines classic massage movements with acupressure, which allows for complete relaxation and removal of tension in the body. The special feature of this treatment is the final laurel-based wrap that helps detoxify the body and restore the skin. This wrap has a powerful effect that ensures revitalization and hydration of the skin, making it shiny and soft.

After this treatment, you will feel completely refreshed and harmonious. Your skin will be hydrated, soft and smooth to the touch. The ritual based on the medicinal plant laurel is ideal for anyone who wants a completely relaxed body and mind, and at the same time achieve clean and healthy skin.

70,00 EUR, 60 min

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Hotel Marina

The Wellness and Spa centre in the Hotel Marina Mošćenička Draga offers 800 square metres of superb wellness experience. The relaxing earthy tones have an immediate soothing effect. In the Spa Relax Zone, you can enjoy a Finnish or infrared sauna or try a Turkish bath. There is also a whirlpool, indoor pool with heated seawater and fitness centre. A variety of massages, a solarium, a wide range of cosmetic treatments, manicures and pedicures: these are the reasons why our beauty & massage centre is the ultimate for a complete renewal of body and mind.

Pool area and fitness

  • indoor pool with heated seawater (10 m x 17 m)
  • outdoor pool (100 m2) with sun deck
  • children's outdoor pool
  • sun bed and sunshade
  • fitness (TechnoGym equipment)

Beauty / Massage centre

  • beauty rooms (various cosmetic treatments)
  • massage rooms
  • pedicure and manicure

Spa relax Zone

  • sauna centre:
    infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, 4-person whirlpool
  • massage showers
  • relax zone – designed for relaxation

Please note: The Spa Relax Zone is a nudist area


  • We recommend booking your appointment in advance at the wellness centre reception
  • Price list

Please note: In some areas of the Wellness & Spa centre, wearing swimwear is mandatory. Entry is permitted to people aged 16 and over. Please read our rules of conduct before entering the Wellness & Spa Centre.



Mediterranean whole body scrub and massage with essential oils of lavender and rosemary is a superb treatment that combines the beneficial effects of peeling and massage for overall relaxation of the body and mind.

This treatment begins with a peeling based on salt and Mediterranean herbs, which not only exfoliates, but also has a regenerative effect on the skin. Salts and herbs help remove dead skin cells, stimulating regeneration and enabling deeper skin hydration. After peeling, the skin is silky smooth, clean and ready for a pleasant massage.

The next step is a full body massage that uses a combination of lavender and rosemary essential oils to achieve the optimal effect of relaxation and revitalization. This combination of oils has a soothing and relaxing effect on the body, and helps reduce muscle tension and relieve stress.

The massage uses deep relaxation movements that allow deep relaxation of the body, and soothing drainage movements that stimulate circulation and relieve swelling. During the massage, the massage therapist will use muscle stretching techniques to increase body flexibility and harmonize the balance between body and mind.

At the end of this treatment, you will feel completely relaxed, refreshed and empowered. Your body will be strengthened and your mind calm. Mediterranean scrub and massage with lavender and rosemary essential oils is the ultimate treatment for anyone who wants a completely relaxed body and mind while improving overall health and well-being.

90,00 EUR, 70 min

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Treatment reservations

Hotel Ambasador: 

+385 51 743 880

Hotel Palace Bellevue: 

+385 51 480 365

Heritage Hotel Imperial: 

+385 51 480 190

Hotel Excelsior: 

+385 51 480 765

Hotel Marina: 

+385 51 505 623