Take part in the creative contest #NextStationForVacation and win a weekend for two in Hotel Ambasador

„It’s best to repeat the best!”

You still sometimes remember that amazing summer holiday you had with friends a couple of years ago? Your unforgettable memory can now take you on a new dream vacation. Share with us the most fun photo and win a five-star vacation in Hotel Ambasador in Opatija!





  • Winning the award is very simple – just be creative! Choose your favourite photo from a summer vacation which shows you having the best of times with friends or family and tell us why you will remember those moments forever!






  • Share your favourite photo from a vacation on your public Facebook or Instagram account or in the comments under our Facebook post in the period from 9 July to 15 August 2021.
  • Use the hashtags #NextStationForVacation and #LiburniaHotelsAndVillas in your post.
  • Out team will choose the best photo after the contest ends and inform the lucky winner!

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  • The organiser of this creative contest is Liburnia Riviera Hoteli d.d. based in Opatija, Ulica maršala Tita 198, OIB (VAT no.) 15573308024 (hereinafter the "Organiser").
  • The "Next Station for Vacation" creative contest (hereinafter the "Contest") will take place from 9 July 2021 at 14:30 until 15 August 2021 at 23:59.
  • The purpose of the creative contest is the promotion of Hotel Ambasador*****.
  • This Contest is in no way sponsored or administered by Facebook and Facebook is not responsible for it.
  • Facebook and Instagram serve as platforms for the implementation of the contest and have access to your personal data to the extent described in their privacy policies that are available at https://www.facebook.com/legal/FB_Work_Privacy and https://help.instagram.com/155833707900388


  • The Contest is open to all adult natural persons who have a Facebook or Instagram account under the terms of use defined by Facebook and privacy chosen by each user (hereinafter referred to as "Participant") for their profile.
  • By participating in the Contest in accordance with the instructions in these Rules, the Participant confirms that he or she is aware of the rules of the Contest and personal data protection as well as the conditions for participation in the Contest and accepts them in full.
  • Persons involved in the organisation and preparation of the Contest, employees of the Organiser and their immediate family members may not participate in the Contest.
  • These rules of participation will be published on the www.liburnia.hr website just before the start of the contest.


  • To participate in the Contest, it is necessary to post the most creative photo possible with the hashtags #NextStationForVacation and #liburniahotelsandvillas showing the Participant’s favourite holiday spent with friends / family / partner so far in the comment section of the post that contains the invitation to participate in the "Next Station for Vacation" creative contest on the official Facebook page of Liburnia Hotels & Villas or on the Participant’s own Facebook / Instagram profile (in which case the post / profile must be public). Each Participant can post an unlimited number of photos.
  • The prize is decided upon by the Organiser. The prize will be awarded to the Participant who, according to the discretion of the three-member commission appointed by the Organiser, posted the most creative photo in accordance with the previous provisions of this article (hereinafter referred to as the "Winner"). The name of the winner will be announced eight days after the end of the creative contest.
  • The organiser will publish the username and/or full name of the Winner on the official Facebook / Instagram page in a separate post and in the comments below the posts concerning the creative contest and invite him or her to contact them via a private Facebook / Instagram message to make arrangements for the handover of the prize. The Winner must contact the Organiser within five (5) days of the date of publication of the Winner, after which the Organiser has the right to check and determine whether the Winner is an adult or a minor, and give the necessary personal data (name, address and place of residence, telephone/mobile phone number, date and year of birth) to the Organiser.
  • In the event that the Winner fails to contact the Organiser within five (5) days or does not submit all the required information within the specified period, he or she loses the right to the prize, which will be given to the next ranked Participant.

Article 4: PRIZE

  • The total number of Winners is one (1). The prize is one (1) voucher for a stay of two nights for two people with full board at Hotel Ambasador***** in Opatija to the value of HRK 2,520.00 (VAT included). The prize can be used until 20 December 2021.
  • The prize cannot be exchanged for a cash equivalent or any other product. On acceptance of the prize, all obligations of the Organiser towards the Winner cease.
  • If the Winner fails to contact the Organiser in the manner described in the previous article within five (5) days of the date of publication of the Winner, it will be considered that he or she does not want to receive the prize and loses the right to it, in which case also all obligations of the Organiser towards the Winner cease.


  • The Organiser does not bear any responsibility if the content created by the Participant violates any intellectual property rights of third parties, such as copyrights, patents, or trademarks of third parties. The Organiser has the right to remove such content without explanation. Also, the Organiser has the right to remove without explanation all content they deem inappropriate, such as insults on racial, religious or any other bases.
  • Posts with inappropriate content will in particular include, but will not be limited to, those that contain violence or indications of violence, posts with sexual content or indications that may suggest sex or violence, posts that imply or indicate an infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyright and related rights, content that is contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, the laws of the Republic of Croatia, the morals of society, content that displays racial, national, religious or other intolerance, and the like.


  • The Organiser will review all photos submitted to the Contest and reserves the right to disqualify the Participants at any time in the event of any of the following cases:
    • the submitted photo does not comply with the theme and conditions of the Contest,
    • the submitted photo is of inappropriate content,
    •  the submitted photo is offensive or vulgar,
    • the submitted photo in any way expresses (or belittles other people’s) religious and/or political beliefs,
    • the submitted photo falsely represents people, companies or products,
    • the submitted photo shows (or is itself) content that is not in accordance with the law,
    • the photo was posted after the expiration of the Contest period,
    • the Winner fails to contact the Organiser within five (5) days of the day of the announcement of the winners and/or fails to submit his or her contact information within the specified period,
    • on submitting personal data, the Winner submits incorrect personal data,
    • a participant provides incorrect information on whether he or she is a minor,
    • these rules are in any way violated.
  • The Organiser is authorised, at their own discretion, at any time and without explanation, to disqualify any Participant who violates regulations in force in the Republic of Croatia or whose actions damage the reputation or harm the interests of the Organiser.


  • The Organiser is not responsible for, and will not take into account, posts that are submitted too late, incomplete, damaged, or undelivered. The organiser is not responsible for the failure, interruption or unavailability of the network, servers, Internet service providers (ISPs), websites or other connections, technical failures or problems with hardware or software, or any other failures or difficulties of any kind – human, mechanical, electronic, computer, network, typographic, printing or in any other way related to the Contest, including without limitation errors or difficulties related to the implementation of the Contest.
  • The Organiser is not responsible for possible inaccurate information caused by the actions of users of the website, or unauthorised handling or hacking of programs related to the contest.
  • By participating in the Contest and accepting these rules for participation, the Participant acknowledges and fully accepts that he or she is not entitled to reimbursement of costs and/or any form of damages by the Organiser that may occur to him or her in fulfilling the task prescribed by this Contest.


  • The Organiser reserves the right to terminate the Contest in case of force majeure. The term 'force majeure' means the occurrence of extraordinary, external, or unpredictable circumstances that could not have been foreseen, prevented, avoided, or eliminated.


  • In case of a dispute between the Organiser and the Participant, the competent court shall be the court in Rijeka.


  • Personal data of the Participant is collected and processed by the Organiser of the Creative Contest in the capacity of data controller, i.e. the company Liburnia Riviera Hoteli d.d. based in Opatija, Ulica maršala Tita 198, OIB (VAT no.) 15573308024. Contact details of the personal data protection officer – e-mail: dpo@liburnia.hr
  • Liburnia Riviera Hoteli d.d. undertakes to handle the collected personal data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter "GDPR") and the applicable personal data protection regulations. For this purpose, Liburnia Riviera Hoteli d.d., in accordance with the provisions of Article 13 of the GDPR, hereby provides the following information.
  • By taking part in the creative contest, the participants explicitly agree that the Organiser, as data controller, may process their personal data for the purpose of implementing the creative contest. The submission of data by the participants in the creative contest is voluntary, but necessary in order for the participant to participate in the creative contest.
  • The announced winners in the creative contest explicitly agree that the Organiser may use their full name in connection with the announcement of the results of the creative contest as well as their data (name, surname, address, contact phone number) in the event of delivery of prizes to the Winners.
  • Before posting the content (photo), the Participant is obliged to inform third parties, whose personal data the posted content contains, about the collection and processing of their personal data by acquainting them with these Rules and personal data protection, and is obliged to obtain the necessary consents for processing personal data of such third parties. The Organiser shall consider that in relation to all posted content, the Participants have fulfilled all the described obligations towards third parties.
  • Personal data collected and processed may be username, name and surname, residential address, telephone/mobile phone number and e-mail address, as well as all personal data that may be contained in the posted content (photo).
  • The collected personal data are not transferred to third countries.
  • The collected data will be retained for a period of 60 (sixty) days from the day of the end of the Creative Contest and will be deleted after the expiration of that period, except in exceptional circumstances in which there is another legal basis for longer retention (for example in the event of action by a competent authority, litigation, or similar events).
  • Liburnia Riviera Hoteli d.d. respects the GDPR-related rights of all data subjects (persons whose personal data are processed) and hereby informs them that they have the right to request access to and rectification and erasure of personal data, or restriction of processing subject to certain legal restrictions, and to object to processing, as well as the right to data portability. These rights are exercised by submitting a written request to the Personal Data Protection Officer at dpo@liburnia.hr. An objection to the processing of personal data may also be submitted to the Personal Data Protection Agency.
  • The Participant has the right to withdraw his or her consent at any time (the withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on the consent before its withdrawal), and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


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