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Fast, easy, and simple testing for the hotel guests!

Please book your COVID-19 test 24 hours in advance at the Hotel Front Office or request the order form here and send the completed and signed one to the e-mail address: [email protected]

We organize the PCR testing Monday - Friday from 8 until 10 AM for the hotel guests.

Location: Trg Vladimira Gortana 1, 51410 Opatija (parking of Hotel Palace Bellevue)



(Last update: 12.04.2021.)


Dear guests,

Liburnia Riviera Hotels pay great attention to the safety and wellbeing of its guests, partners, and employees. In order to ensure a safe environment and justify the trust given to us, we are carefully following and implementing the competent institutions’ recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, we have adjusted the reservation terms and conditions according to the extraordinary circumstances in order to increase the flexibility of the reservation management for our guests.

Our already high hygienic standards have been additionally raised due to the new conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We have increased the frequency of cleaning in all of the accommodation units and hotel areas, while using the disinfectants which meet the European standards and do not endanger human health. Hand sanitizers and masks are available to all the hotel guests. You can find additional information about the measures being implemented in our hotels in further text.


We would like to thank you for the confidence you have shown to us so far. We will continue to implement the highest quality standards in our hotels in order to ensure a safe and unforgettable vacation for our guests. We look forward to your visit!

Your Liburnia Riviera Hotels

Entry to Croatia!








  • Persons who have recovered from COVID-19 within the past three months are exempt from the obligation to provide a negative PCR test result and to self-isolate (for 10 days). In order to prove their recovery, passengers need to have a positive PCR test result or antigen test result, or a positive neutralisation test (NT) result obtained within the last three months and older than 14 days, or a certificate of recovery issued by a doctor.

  • More informations: Stay safe in Croatia.



  • All employees have been provided with information about COVID-19 and precautionary measures.
  • Hotel staff adheres to good personal hygienepractices frequent handwashing, coughhygiene, social distancing protocols) and provided with face masks and gloves.
  • Hotel staff which is in contact with food preparation and which entering the guest rooms will be required to wear gloves and face masks (as needed).
  • Hand sanitizer stations installed throughout public areas at guests’ high-contact points and in back-of-house areas.
  • Limitation of the number of guests in the common areas.
  • Frequent disinfection of the elevator controlpanel and staircase handrails.
  • Detailed handwashing instructions placed in all public toilets and sanitary blocks.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of public areas (including lobbies, restaurants and bars, restrooms, spa and pool areas, etc.)


  • Guests will be asked to disinfect their hands and measure the tempreature at the entrance of restaurants and bars. Furthermore, guests will be asked to wear a mask and to take it off only while aeting or drinking
  • Sufficient distance between seating setups (min. 1,5 m) unless it is a family group or group belonging together.
  • Self-service safety changes at the buffet table (guests will be served by staff at buffet stations).
  • Disinfection of all tables and menus after each service and also kitchen areas.
  • For health safety reasons the menus have been removed from the tables the staff will present a menu to the guests at a safe distance respecting all prescribed measures
  • Safe and hygienic food preparation and service practice.
  • Frequent ventilation of common f&b spaces
  • Hand sanitizer stations installed at restaurants and bars.
  • Reservations at hotel restaurants are recommended (not mandatory).


  • Guests will be asked to wear a mask while being on the reception
  • Limitation of the number of guests at the reception.
  • Ensured designated space 1,5 m of between guests at the reception during check-in.
  • Hand sanitizer stations installed at reception.
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning reception area.
  • Provision of protective masks and gloves for our guests on request
  • Limited occupancy of elevators (up to 2 people), unless it is a family group.
  • Non-cash payment recommendation.


  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols in guest rooms focusing on high-touch points in guest rooms (including light switches, door and window handles, remote controllers, thermostats, water faucets, hangers etc.)
  • Daily housekeeping service may be modified in accordance with guest requirements..
  • Guests are instructed to use the “Do not disturb” sign to limit unwanted staff entry into rooms.
  • Contactless option for drop-off and pick-up at door available for room service delivery.


  • Guests will be asked to wear a mask on the reception area and during some of the treatments
  • Furniture set-up in spa/pools/beach area rearranged to encourage social distancing protocols (min. 1,5 m).
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of wellness/spa areas (massage rooms, fitness machines, handrails in swimming pools, spa & sun lounges etc.).
  • All spa treatments are performed with special care respecting all prescribed health measures to ensure the health safety of guests.
  • After each spa treatment is ensured deep disinfection and cleaning.
  • Hand sanitizer stations installed at high-contact areas and in wellness/spa area.
  • Limitation of the number of guests at the wellness/spa.
  • Reservations for spa treatments by phone are recommended (not mandatory).


  • Wear a mask
  • Adhere to the prescribed health measures at the hotel and destination during your stay.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands regularly, avoid touching the face with your hands.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Avoid handshakes and hugs as much as possible.
  • When coughing, take care of the health safety of the people in your environment.
  • In case you get symptoms (fever, dry cough) stay in your room and inform the reception. The reception will then inform the emergency medical service.


1. Which epidemiological measures are in force in the Republic of Croatia regarding the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • The latest information about the coronavirus pandemic in the Republic of Croatia and the measures currently in place can be found at the following link:

2. What is required for entrance into the Republic of Croatia?

  • In order to learn more about the entry requirements in the Republic of Croatia and the current limits, you can visit the official website of the Ministry of the Interior: All passengers who plan on crossing the Croatian border are advised to complete the arrival form that can be found at before embarking on a trip. Timely completion of the form decreases the waiting time at the border crossing.

3. What are the requirements for the return to the country of residence?

  • Please contact the competent authorities in order to learn more about the return to your country of residence. You can visit the official website of the European Union which provides an overview of the health situation and travel restrictions in European countries:

4. Where can the PCR test for COVID-19 be administered?

  • The location of the sample collection for the PCR testing is at the address Trg Vladimira Gortana 1, 51410 Opatija (location of the parking lot belonging to the former hotel Zagreb near Slatina) from Monday to Friday (8 AM-10 AM). Additional information can be found at

5. What are the terms and conditions for the modification and cancellation of the reservations made through the official website and reservation centre?

  • We took into consideration the exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic around the world when defining the general reservation terms and conditions in our hotels for the hotel stays in 2021. We strived to ensure the maximum flexibility of the modification and cancellations terms and conditions. The reservation terms and conditions depend on the selected option and are stated in the reservation confirmation.

6. Is it possible to modify the reservation according to the original terms and conditions?

  • The modification of the reservation is possible according to the availability and the accommodation prices which are valid for the new period of stay at the time of the modification.

7. How can I cancel or modify the reservations which were made through online travel agencies (e.g., Booking, Expedia) or other travel agencies?

  • If the reservation was not made through our website or reservation centre, please contact the travel agency through which the reservation was made in order to inquire about the terms and conditions of the reservation and request the modification or cancellation of the reservation.

8. Is it possible for outside guests to use the hotel pool and wellness centre or to have a meal in the hotel restaurant?

  • The use of hotel facilities for outside guests depends on the epidemiological measures in place during the relevant time period. It is not possible for outside guests to visit a hotel restaurant while the restaurants in the Republic of Croatia are officially closed.

9. Are all of the hotel facilities available to the guests

  • All of the hotel facilities are available to the hotel guests in accordance with the valid epidemiological measures.

10. How are the meals served in the hotel?

  • All the hotel meals are served buffet-style and the hotel staff serve the guests with the selected dishes during the meals.

11. Are the face masks mandatory in the hotel?

  • Face masks are mandatory in the common hotel areas in compliance with the recommendations of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia.

12. Is there a protocol in place in the case of the appearance of the COVID-19 symptoms in the hotel?

  • The hotel staff will act in accordance with the epidemiological recommendations in the case of the appearance of the COVID-19 symptoms.

13. Can the hotel organize the PCR testing for its guests?

  • The hotel can contact the epidemiological service on behalf of the hotel guests and arrange the appointment for the PCR testing.

14. How will the entertainment and animation programmes be implemented in the hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Our hotels follow the health institutions' recommendations for kindergartens and implement them in all of the programmes intended for children. The highest hygienic standards are ensured. Hotel staff make sure that the required distance between the guests is maintained and hand sanitizers are available in all of the areas where the entertainment and animation programmes take place.

For more information please contact our reservation center:

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