Charming Summer


Charming summer

Summer on the Opatija Riviera is always an enchanting experience. Our riviera has a special summer charm that attracts all types of lovers – couples in love, music enthusiasts, and lovers of good food.

The charming town streets are filled with the air of old-world romance, the gorgeous parks are delightfully lush, and the winding Lungomare promenade is perfect for long walks along its lovely paths. During the summer evenings, the local restaurants will lure you with their irresistible aromas, and the sound of live music will make you want to dance.


This summer, discover the seductive charm of the Opatija Riviera in Liburnia Hotels & Villas!


Hotel Ambasador*****

Impressive views of the entire Kvarner Bay, a private beach and outdoor seawater pool, seafood specialities in the fine dining restaurant Cubo, and excellent concerts at Opatija’s Open Air Theatre – there are plenty of reasons to choose the Hotel Ambasador as your perfect summer oasis!

Heritage Hotel Imperial****

Start your day with a coffee on the terrace of the Viennese-style Café Imperial, explore the summer secrets of Opatija, and enjoy the great concerts at the nearby Open Air Theatre.

Hotel Palace Bellevue****

Experience a perfect summer in Opatija and a holiday that you will remember for a long time! Wake up in the stylish rooms of the Hotel Palace Bellevue and enjoy the sea and the sun on Opatija’s main beach, as well as a varied dance and entertainment programme on the famous terrace.




Top cuisine, parties and concerts to remember!

The Opatija Riviera exudes a special charm and elegance at all times of the year. The summer evenings are particularly enchanting, as they bring a special energy and liveliness to the riviera, providing every guest with a holiday that they will remember for a long time.

This summer, enjoy excellent cuisine, but also the unforgettable concerts at the Opatija Open Air Theatre, which will once again host world-famous stars. Opatija’s terraces traditionally invite you to enjoy good music, superb regional delicacies, and fantastic views of Kvarner Bay.

The distinctive terrace of the Hotel Kvarner offers the finest Kvarner delicacies and an extensive wine list. This summer, the popular restaurant Laurus is open again, offering fresh fish specialities in a perfect location with a breath-taking view.

The terraces of the Strauss and Imperial cafés are perfect for enjoying your favourite cocktail or a glass of sparkling wine. In the summer months, they will host more than a hundred live music programmes!


Enjoy the finest Kvarner delicacies!


  • Fine dining restaurant Cubo

    Hotel Ambasador

  • À la carte restaurant Laurus

    Hotel Laurus

  • Restaurant Isadora

    Hotel Kvarner

  • Café Imperial

    Heritage Hotel Imperial

  • Café Strauss

    Hotel Palace Bellevue

  • Nostromo

    Hotel Istra




Don't miss unforgettable concerts at the Opatija Open Air Theatre!

  • 04.06. / SUKHISHVILI - Georgian National Ballet

    The famous Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet performing for the Opatija audience!

  • 08.06. / 4 Tenora – Under the starry sky of Opatija

    The popular Four Tenors 'Under the Starry Sky of Opatija'!

  • 11.06. / Summer Balinjerada 2022

    Summer edition of the unique Opatija carnival attraction!

  • 17.06. / Željko Bebek

    An evening to remember with the legendary singer of the band Bijelo Dugme!

  • 21.06. / Tomislav Bralić i Klapa Intrade

    The popular singer & klapa vocal group – a concert not to be missed!

  • 25.06. / RetrOpatija

    Cheerful rhythms of 20th century music at this unique Opatija event!

  • 01.07. - 03.07. / Liburnia Jazz Festival

    The most popular jazz festival in the region with great concerts on land and at sea!

  • 05.07. / Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra 'Ima neka tajna veza'

    This concert will evoke a time when Sarajevo was the regional music centre!

  • 09.07. / Matija Cvek & The Funkensteins

    Famous thanks to the award-winning Croatian TV show ‘A strana’, Matija Cvek will perform in Opatija accompanied by his band The Funkensteins!

  • 16.07. / Zdravko Čolić

    Discover why Čolić is one of the most popular and enduring musicians in the region!

  • 18.07. / Tom Jones

    One of the greatest living legends, an enormous charmer and ingenious performer at the Opatija Open Air Theatre!

  • 27.07./ Jerry Ricks Blues Fest

    Top musicians will once again perform on the unique open-air stages along the entire Opatija Riviera!

  • 28.07. / Klapa Rišpet

    The first performance of the famous Dalmatian klapa vocal group on the most beautiful Opatija stage under a starry sky!

  • 06.08. / Queen Real Tribute

    An evening dedicated to the legendary band performed by the leading European Queen tribute band!

  • 19.08. / Sabaton

    This year’s biggest metal spectacle in Croatia with the world-famous Swedish band Sabaton!

  • 22.08. / Bajaga & Instruktori

    The legendary singer, guitarist and songwriter Bajaga has won the hearts of many generations of fans with his songs.

  • 02.09./ Christian Meringolo

    Christian Meringolo, a young singer and guitarist, brings a touch of Italian dance pop to Opatija!